Wedding @ Ipoh Kinta Riverfront: Kelvin & Mun Yi

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted here. I guess mainly because I am still not used to manage two sites at once? Anyhow, glad I am back at this space and if you are wondering how Sky Arts Production is doing, we are actually doing quite well! Just that I was too tightened up to update both space =S Hope you saw the update on my Facebook Page though =)

Anyway, today I am sharing with you my experience as a wedding guest instead of rushing between bride and groom’s house to capture their precious moments. This time I sort of took photos that normally official photographer won’t have time to observe/take. Since I wasn’t working as photographer that day, I took this opportunity to document what I love in details and also the precious moments that happened so sudden and I am glad that I managed to capture it, especially the happy face of their grandfather.  I won’t able to snap it that fast if I wasn’t aware of where the happy laughter came from. The venue for wedding dinner was quite packed with other guest photographer, therefore I just snap from far using my 70-200 mm.

In this post, I would like to feature Geraldine, the baker who  made a very beautiful wedding cake for her brother’s wedding. I am really impressed with her fine hands. I hope by scrolling through these photos you will able to see what I love to capture and preserve these beautiful memories. Something cute? Something adorable? I’ll let you figure it out.

Again, congrats to Kelvin and Mun Yi and I hope to see you guys in Ipoh soon!


Wedding @ Ipoh Kinta Riverfront: Kelvin & Mun Yi

Colorful windmill that made the garden looks happy


Wedding @ Ipoh Kinta Riverfront: Kelvin & Mun Yi

Colourful macarons made by cousins and friends for wedding!

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