Wedding Actual Day @ Puchong: KokKuen & Lavonne

The other day I was shooting for KokKuen & Lavonne’s wedding actual day. It was my first time shooting in condominiums and early call-time at groom side. I’ve reached groom house as early as 7am and the handsome groom was almost ready. Even his brothers a.k.a. hengdai also arrived early too.

This time the challenges for the groom’s brother was really challenging as they need to take off their shirt and place ice cube between their armpits. I salute you guys, you guys are really good brothers for KokKuen!!

The morning light was great so I manage to grab some nice backlight photos for this couple. For more story telling, just check out the photos below =)

Congratz to KokKuen & Lavonne again!!

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Wedding @ Ipoh Kinta Riverfront: Kelvin & Mun Yi

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted here. I guess mainly because I am still not used to manage two sites at once? Anyhow, glad I am back at this space and if you are wondering how Sky Arts Production is doing, we are actually doing quite well! Just that I was too tightened up to update both space =S Hope you saw the update on my Facebook Page though =)

Anyway, today I am sharing with you my experience as a wedding guest instead of rushing between bride and groom’s house to capture their precious moments. This time I sort of took photos that normally official photographer won’t have time to observe/take. Since I wasn’t working as photographer that day, I took this opportunity to document what I love in details and also the precious moments that happened so sudden and I am glad that I managed to capture it, especially the happy face of their grandfather.  I won’t able to snap it that fast if I wasn’t aware of where the happy laughter came from. The venue for wedding dinner was quite packed with other guest photographer, therefore I just snap from far using my 70-200 mm.

In this post, I would like to feature Geraldine, the baker who  made a very beautiful wedding cake for her brother’s wedding. I am really impressed with her fine hands. I hope by scrolling through these photos you will able to see what I love to capture and preserve these beautiful memories. Something cute? Something adorable? I’ll let you figure it out.

Again, congrats to Kelvin and Mun Yi and I hope to see you guys in Ipoh soon!


Wedding @ Ipoh Kinta Riverfront: Kelvin & Mun Yi

Colorful windmill that made the garden looks happy


Wedding @ Ipoh Kinta Riverfront: Kelvin & Mun Yi

Colourful macarons made by cousins and friends for wedding!

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